Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moro Reflex

We had Olivia’s parent teacher conference tonight and she got glowing reviews.  I was thrilled to learn that she was participating so well in class.  She has come so very far.  The main thing that we discussed is that her physical therapist noticed that Olivia has retained many of her infant/primitive reflexes.  These are normally inhibited in infancy.  The first one that we are addressing is the Moro reflex, or the infant startle reflex that is usually integrated by 6 months of age.  Olivia is now 4 1/2 years of age.  Symptoms of a retained Moro reflex can mimic ADHD and autism and include poor coordination, sensitivity to light, sound, movement, touch, trouble with transitions, hyperactivity, etc.  It makes sense given how atypical her early development was.  It answers many of the questions that I have searched for in trying to better understand my daughter.  I’m thrilled to have another piece of the puzzle!!  We start doing exercises with her every day and she will also continue them at school.  I stumbled across a website that addresses primitive reflexes.  Unfortunately, there are no rhythmic movement instructors in our state.

Here is another website that addresses integrating the Moro reflex.

After this reflex is (hopefully) integrated, we move on to at least 4 more reflexes with exercises that get more complex.  Please continue praying for Olivia’s development and that she will be open to these exercises.  Like any parent, I want to see Olivia grow and learn and thrive.  I don’t want anything to stand in her way!  She is amazing. . .that girl. . .my sweet Olivia Paige.

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Anonymous said...

So interesting... had you ever heard of this before? I haven't. I'm so glad you can start to get some help with it. Olivia is just amazing

Mommy Becky said...

You are so lucky to have discovered Olivia's problems so soon! I believe we are on the same path as your family only our daughter is 3 years older. I too am doing a primitive reflex program with Kathryn. She does get PT and OT help at school but I am leading the way with her reflex inhibition. Our Developmental Optometrist suggested that we start with the grasping/rooting reflexes and move up the developmental path. We are currently working on moro with the exercise ball. I'm curious...what indicators are you going to use to tell when she has integrated and have you been advised how long it might take? As I mentioned I only have my own research on the internet to guide me and I haven't found that yet. I'm thinking when she can successfully starfish over the ball without my presence by her side, or I'm considering using her ability to float on her back in a pool (something she was not able to do prior to therapy). You can check out my blog at
or email at

Christoper said...

This is great!