Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ribbon In The Sky

Tonight as I was cleaning up dinner, Olivia found a roll of ribbon. She started running around the house with it (or as Olivia said. . .she was tying up the house.)  Tobey quickly joined in and chased the string of ribbon around.  He gave it an honest effort, but tired out pretty quickly.  To be fair, it’s hard to keep up with Olivia.  Kelsey then discovered the awesome red ribbon flying across the house and joined in.  Olivia and Kelsey had a blast and ran around for nearly an hour!!  Olivia showed no signs of tiring, but poor Kelsey was panting and breathing heavily when I finally called it quits.  You know, sometimes I question the decision of getting a third cat (even as sweet as Kelsey is.)  But, Olivia absolutely adores Kelsey and reminds me every day that Kelsey is her baby kitty. 

 photo (45)

photo (49)

Olivia even shares her elephant with Kelsey.

But anyway. . .who knew a ribbon could provide hours of endless fun for kids and cats?  They should all sleep soundly tonight!

photo (52)

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