Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Poor Peacock

We have a very heartbroken little girl.  For one, she doesn’t feel very well.  And, after she went to bed last night, she came out of her room with huge tears . . .like she lost her best friend.  A big chunk of Peacock (her most favorite toy in the whole world) broke off.  Seriously, I had tears in my eyes because of the love and concern she has for Peacock.  It has got to be the most loved Squinkie in the entire world.  She does everything with Peacock.  You should have seen me last night going through her Squinkie box trying to convince her of the “potential” of her other Squinkies.  I don’t know what is so special about Peacock, but it sure means a lot to her. 

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Kim said...

Super glue? I've repaired Mario and his friends more times than I can count.