Thursday, May 17, 2012


So, we told a tiny little fib to Olivia today.  Last summer she lost her Eleanor chipmunk that came with a McDonald’s Happy Meal. It says, “It’s so beautiful!” She was very attached to Chipmunk (this was pre-Peacock) and has talked about its disappearance at least every day for almost a year.  We’ve torn the house apart looking for it and I don’t think it will ever be found.  Well, we decided to buy her a new one on Ebay.  It was only $4, which is still more than the cost of a Happy Meal, but very reasonable considering how much she loved it.  We knew that if we presented it to her as a new one “just like” her old one. . .she would not accept it.  So, we hid it in the hall closet and I sent her on a mission to get some towels.  And. . .there was Chipmunk!  We had one happy girl in our house tonight!

photo (56)

And, just so you know. . . it’s been hiding in the closet for the past year and we forgot to look there. LOL! 


Amanda said...

That is awesome!!! Lol. Love it!!! :) you're such a good mommy. And yes! Why did you never look in that closet?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad that she was so happy about Chipmunk. I am filing all of these ideas away for when my boys are older!

Brandi W.