Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lily and Leap

Yesterday, at a garage sale, I found a Leap to go along with Olivia’s beloved Lily.  You can’t find them anymore except on ebay, so it was quite a find.  It brightened Olivia’s entire day.  In Olivia’s eyes, I think I’m definitely in the running for Mother Of The Year because of it.  So, many thanks to my niece, Izzy, for pointing Leap out. 

photo (56)

Tonight, she slept with Lily and I was instructed to sleep with Leap.  And, I’d better have him in bed with me when she wakes up in the morning or I’m in big trouble.  One time, I left a stuffed animal on the dresser that I was supposed to sleep with and I got scolded.  It seriously makes Olivia so sad that I don’t sleep with stuffed animals like her.  It’s as if she truly feels sorry for me, so she gives me a toy to sleep with. LOL! 

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