Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cerclage Day

This morning, I had my cerclage put in.  I thought I would post my experiences in case 1) I ever have to do this again or 2) a fellow preemie mom must have one done.  It’s nice to know what to expect (without going into too much detail.  LOL.) It’s best to have it done between 12 – 14 weeks and I was 13 weeks, 2 days.

Cervical cerclage

The surgery itself went great.  I had low blood sugar when I arrived because of not eating for 12+ hours, so they had to give me some dextrose.  I did get a general anesthetic so I don’t remember anything.  They had to check my blood sugar multiple times while I was out to monitor it and for some reason they poked the inside of the same finger.  Sheesh. . don’t they know that you poke the side of the finger and you alternate?  Now, my finger is sore when I type! LOL!  I woke up coughing with a really sore throat and an awful headache!!  Not sure if the headache is from blood sugar fluctuations or something in the anesthesia.  The first thing I said when I woke up was, “My head really hurts!!” And, it’s been my main problem all day!  I’ve had minimal spotting and no bad cramping, thank goodness.  That’s been my main concern. . .how do you tell what is normal spotting/cramping and what is not?  Hopefully, it just improves as the days go on.  My main restriction with a cerclage is no heavy lifting.  It’s amazing how much lifting you do as a stay at home mom. . .whether it’s carrying in the groceries, lifting Olivia into a swing or up to wash her hands when we are out somewhere, carrying the vacuum downstairs, buying litter and cat food at the pet store, carrying my huge bag to t ball games, etc.  So, it’s really hard to not do any of that.  But, I have no choice and may need all the help I can get.

Thanks to Grandma Sailing, Grandma Glunt and Aunt Shelley who will be taking care of Olivia for the remainder of the week.  And, thanks to my husband for taking care of me today.  (Although I’ve been a pretty good patient and have just slept all day.)  Thanks also to my friend, Amanda Updegrove, who provided us with a delicious homemade dinner!!  I’m trying to enjoy these few days of rest and relaxation as it will probably be years before I get to enjoy this again.  And, you know me and my love of sleep!  My cat, Autumn, lives for the days that I nap with her.  She’s in for the best week of her life and hasn’t left my side all day. 

So glad the cerclage is done as I’ve been worrying about it for years knowing that it would be done with a future pregnancy.  So far, it hasn’t been that bad.  But, I’ll be sure to update you often because there isn’t much else to do while in bed for the next few days.  I will most likely start weekly progesterone shots at 17 weeks as another precaution.  We aren’t taking any chances with this pregnancy and I’m looking forward to a healthy, full term pregnancy!  And. . .a healthy, full term baby who cries at birth and gets placed immediately in my arms.  Just thinking of the first picture of Olivia and her new baby sibling brings tears to my eyes.  That will be heaven on earth!

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Holli Taylor said...

I can't wait to see those first pics after the birth of this baby! Hope I get to assist you with "normal breastfeeding" this time around! You are such a trooper. No one could ever doubt the love you have for your children.