Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Today, I gave Olivia a paint brush and let her paint the sidewalk with water.  She acted as if I had entrusted her with a very big girl task.  She had a blast. . .and then we realized it was way too hot to be outside and not submerged in water.

photo (58)

So, we came inside to cool off and watch Care Bears.  She’s really into Care Bears right now.  Her favorite is Funshine Bear, but she’s upset that it’s portrayed as a boy in the movie.  She insists it is a girl.  I love the picture below because it really captures her natural smile.

photo (57)

And there’s nothing quite like cooling off and watching Care Bears with your best bud.  I tell ya, our cats have been so good for Olivia. . .especially Tobey and Kelsey.  Autumn is as sweet as they come, but she prefers the company of adults. 

photo (56)

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