Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012

I’ve felt pretty good all week.  Thanks to those who have emailed me for reassurance and just to let me know you’re praying.  I’ve been taking it easy and drinking lots of water.  But, I even felt fine enough to paint some pottery last night.  It seems ironic that the cramping started right after my shot and on the same side.  But, my doctor didn’t seem to think that was the culprit.  We’ll see if it happens again after the shot, I guess.

photo (56)

And, mark your calendars!  August 16th is the day of my ultrasound when I’ll find out the sex of the baby.  Not sure why I’ve  had to wait until almost 22 weeks to find out (it’s killing me!) They will also do a cervical length check which will tell me a lot about how I’m doing.  If the length is still fine, I’ll breathe a sigh of relief.  If it is shortening, I’m afraid bedrest will be in my future. So pray, pray, pray!

I thought I’d share a quick Olivia story.  Tonight, I heard her fall in the entryway.  I found that she had been spraying the floor with water from a spray bottle.  As she’s sitting in my lap crying, she says, “I was trying to make it all shiny and clean for you, mama!” Bless her heart. . .love that girl!

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