Saturday, September 1, 2012

September is Child Cancer Awareness Month

Sadly, in the past year, I’ve known more children with cancer than I could have ever imagined.  These children have touched my heart more than I could ever express. This post is dedicated to Tripp, a former 23 weeker who is fighting neuroblastoma.  It’s also dedicated to Paxten, a close family friend who passed away last January with leukemia just shy of her 2nd birthday.  And, also to Benjamin, my close friend’s son, who lost his eye to retinoblastoma less than a year ago. 

I struggle with why childhood cancer even exists.  It breaks my heart to see anyone fighting cancer and when it’s a child. . .I just don’t understand.  After spending so much time in the NICU and losing a son because of prematurity. . .I’m often asked what people can do to help those suffering through similar circumstances.  The number one thing, I believe, is just to show that you care. . .share in their suffering.  Help to carry their burden, cry with them, mourn with them, and overwhelm them with your love.  There are no magical words that take the pain away.  I can imagine it might be the same comfort for a parent whose child has cancer.  They need to know that they are not alone.  Educate yourself on what they are going through and pray for all children and families affected by cancer.

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