Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Here are some pictures of our day. We were so excited to introduce Abigail to her cousin, Izzy, and aunt Shelley. Shelley and I joked that Abigail probably won't walk until 2 years old. Being the baby of the family, somebody is always going to be holding her.

Olivia is doing awesome, but I can tell its kinda wearing on her. She really wanted to play a game with me today, but Abigail was crying and I was holding her. Olivia begged,"Just put her back in her crib!" I'm sure it's tough being the center of our world for 5 years and then having to share it. I'm still amazed at how well she has adapted. I'm doing well, but still adjusting to the sleepless nights. I have Olivia and Abigail as my top priorities with sleeping and housecleaning as a distant 3rd and 4th. So, I apologize to those who visit. :)

And for the first time ever in my life (and Ryan's life) we have outdoor Christmas lights. Ryan wanted to make sure we all got in the Christmas spirit this year. (Completely missing out on Thanksgiving makes it hard to believe that Christmas is around the corner.)

And someday I will post from my laptop again, but for now my phone will do. And someday I'll update the header with Abigail's picture. Someday. :)

I'd also like to ask for prayers for my grandma who is in the hospital. At first they thought she had a stroke, but are now thinking it is a possible infection and/or pneumonia. Thank you!

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Amanda said...

Eventhough I talk to you everyday, I feel like I never post on your blog! lol She is beautiful :) Olivia will adjust with time I'm sure. Heck, even I wanna just "put the baby in the crib" during the day sometimes. haha... Yay for lights! They look great! Is it too early to say Merry Christmas?! no? ok! well then... MERRY CHRISTMAS, friend!!