Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday, January 27, 2013

The other day, Olivia and I spent the afternoon shopping together and had such a good time. Do you know what she bought with her Christmas gift card? Zinkies ( no surprise since she loves Squinkies, however, I despise Zinkies! They are a cruel joke to parents and once Abigail is mobile, they have to go away for awhile.) And. . . She bought her own pink blow dryer. LOL! It's what she wanted.

Still struggling on the breastfeeding front. I started taking a fenugreek supplement to increase my supply and it has definitely worked! It also has the added benefit of of lowering your blood sugar. I just constantly smell like maple syrup, eh, small price to pay. But the way she screams when she breastfeeds, I feel like I'm poisoning her. I can't say that it feels like I'm doing what is best for her. :(. I'm so discouraged! Her 2 month appointment is tomorrow and I'm going to talk to her doctor and also try to get into a lactation consultant. I have GOT to figure out what is going on. Her weight gain is super though. She is over 9.5 lbs I think. Just look at those little chubby legs.

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