Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday, January. 23, 2013

Good news is that Abigail's face has really cleared up. Not sure if the acne ran its course or if the detergent/soap change contributed. Now I just wish I knew why Abigail was so unhappy all of the time. She is either eating or crying. I remember Olivia ( other than her witching hour ) being a happier baby. Olivia was always laying on blankets on the floor. Abigail lasts 5 minutes when put down while awake before she starts screaming. I have been giving her an extra bottle of formula per day. She will nurse for 2 hours, take a 4 oz bottle and nurse some more. I just can't quite keep up with her. I did order some fenugreek to see if that helps my supply. Isn't it ironic that I have one child who doesn't eat and another who eats all of the time?

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Anonymous said...

Have you visited Doc Sharenberg yet? Just an idea to see if it helps? May be worth a try and he doesn't charge for babies