Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow Day

Olivia’s preschool was canceled this afternoon as were a lot of other schools around.  We are expecting around 10 inches total by tomorrow.  Olivia was thrilled as we haven’t had a decent snow since she was 3 years old and she doesn’t really remember that.  I was thrilled because I really needed a day at home to do nothing!  And we did nothing!  We stayed in our pajamas all day, watched Netflix, cuddled and played. 

photo (60)

Olivia played with Abigail too!  I put her in the swing so that I could eat lunch and she started fussing a bit.  So, Olivia sat down on her step stool and talked with her.  Then, she ended up putting toys in front of her and singing and dancing.  Abigail loved every minute of it and when Olivia would get up to go get something, Abigail would cry.  It just warmed my heart. 

Daddy got to come home from work early and Olivia got to go outside to play.  We are hoping to get a snowman built tomorrow. 

photo (67)

While Olivia and daddy were outside, Abigail and I were staying warm inside.  And this little girl had one full, happy tummy.

photo (68)

Later tonight, on her 3 month birthday, she showed off her mad skills.  Look at that head and arm strength!  So proud of her!

photo (71)

photo (70)

What a great snow day!  Looks like tomorrow is a lot of the same.

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