Friday, April 26, 2013


Olivia has been working really really hard on writing her numbers. I'm so proud of her. What ultimately worked is something she does in preschool. . .writing them in the air. It's so cute because whatever she writes in the air, she never forgets to erase. LOL! And if she wants to save it, she puts it in her pocket. What a great way to practice without getting frustrated because something doesn't look quite right. Have I mentioned that I love her preschool teacher? Anyway, she was ecstatic that she can now write ANY number, even 129,367,458.

And, according to Olivia, that three is just tired so it's laying down and the nine isn't upside down. It likes to stand on its head. My bad. She knows what she is doing. Only my daughter could personify numbers. LOL!

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