Friday, July 5, 2013

Busy Day

A friend of mine from high school is in town this week visiting her new baby nephew. It's been a few years since we've been able to get together. Today we decided to take my kids plus our nieces to lunch and the zoo. Olivia was so incredibly grumpy today! Not quite sure where my happy girl was. Maybe the fireworks kept her up? That alone was enough to exhaust me!

I've never had four car seats in there before! It was quite the party van!

Fun at the zoo!

Izzy (5 1/2) Ella (2) Olivia (5 1/2) and Abigail (7 months) was napping in her stroller.

Olivia refused to be in this picture.

And this one. See what I mean? Grumpy!

We got back home and were exhausted, hot and stinky. I'm pretty proud of myself for getting a shower PLUS getting all three girls bathed. Now we are headed to my brother's house to see my aunt and uncle who are in town. Is it bedtime yet?

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