Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Abigail was a very happy newborn. Then she went through a really colicky phase. I remember one night when Ryan and I wondered if she even liked us. LOL! But, now she is just the happiest baby! She smiles at everyone and is such a joy!

Here she is flashing her baby blues in honor of the red, white and blue! Happy Fourth Of July!

For the past, well, at least 9 years we have celebrated with Ryan's brother and family. Yesterday they packed up and started their new journey in Arizona. I'm very happy for them, but it's kinda sad. Especially from Olivia's point of view who can't judge distance and worried they were moving to another planet. Olivia and I are going to go sit out on the play set in a bit and watch the fireworks from the top of the slide. Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable night!

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