Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

Olivia has a very special place in her heart for the elderly. She is absolutely fascinated by them and what they were like as kids. Daily she asks questions about her great great Aunt Mary, her great grandma Wanda and great grandma Mabel. Most are questions that I don't know such as "what was their favorite toy?" Or "who was their best friend?" So, we devised a questionnaire to send to them with all of Olivia's questions. She is so excited to learn more about them.

Today we were able to visit my grandma (great grandma Wanda) along with my sister-in-law and my cousin's wife and our kids. My grandma was able to see four of her great grand kids all together. (She has two more in Colorado and two more due in December.) My grandma lives in assisted living and it's really quite a beautiful place. Everyone has their own apartment with common areas throughout. Olivia really enjoyed seeing where everything was.

I have yet to tell my grandma this, but Olivia paid her about the highest compliment possible. Whenever we go to the zoo or Exploration Place or the Y we always tell Olivia (when she doesn't want to leave) that we have a membership so we can come back whenever we want. Tonight at dinner, Olivia asked "Can we get a membership there so we can go back whenever we want?" So, yes, I believe we will be visiting more often. ;-)

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