Saturday, July 27, 2013

Olivia News

So proud of her! Today she learned how to pump her own swing. So, all she wants to do is swing now. She is so proud of herself.

Olivia also tipped the scales at 33 lbs! We have worked so hard to get here. I bought some of these forks/picks last week to surprise her with. I think she will love them and it will really help her eat more. Right now she likes to eat with toothpicks.

She loves her kitty Kelsey. A lot!

On Friday I picked up her school supplies. Wow. Kindergarten. When did that happen? We talk a lot about school and I think she is feeling a bit more comfortable with the idea. She is just amazing!

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Brandi W. said...

I am glad that she has gained weight. She IS tiny! Carson is two and a half and weighs 33 pounds! But he was a 8 pounder when he was born and 22 inches! Where did you get the little forks/picks? I love those. We are still having some sensory issues with Carson and they might help him eat some things a little better.