Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Funny Girls

Hmm, why is it when Abigail is actually sleeping and Olivia is having a sleepover with her cousin and I could be sleeping. . . . I can't? Drives me insane! Thought I would share some particularly comical things that have happened this week:

Abigail is obsessed with my phone, so I often just hand it over and let her play with it. The other day while she had it, I heard my dad say,"Hello? Hello?" LOL! She had somehow called my dad. So, if you get a weird call from me, it actually might be from Abigail.

The other night Olivia said,"To devour means to gobble up food!" Thanks to Word Girl, her new favorite show, her vocabulary is exploding!

And when we were leaving the eye doctor today, Abigail cried when I took the appointment reminder card away from her. So I grabbed her a business card to play with while we were walking out. I didn't realize she still had it until we got home and I found that she ATE half of it!

I thought she seemed a little too content on the way home. Holy cow, crazy girl! She will officially eat anything! She does have her first official tooth, though. Just gotta remember to write July 22nd in her baby book, bottom front left. ;-)

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