Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Best Day

What an amazing day! Six years ago I never thought I would say that about today.  In fact, I’ve struggled with that over the years. How can I celebrate one of the worst days of my life every year?On August 27, 2007 my whole world came crashing down.  I thought I was losing both of my babies that I prayed so hard for.  The odds were against us.  The chance of survival was slim, the risks were great and the road was long.  But, tonight, Olivia said it best.

"This is the best day ever.  Thank you for giving me this day.”

And that’s not the only time she made me cry today.  The first thing she did when she woke up was sing Happy Birthday. . .to her twin brother, Logan.  What a loving, selfless way to start her own birthday!  Tonight, she had all of us sing it to him while she pointed up at the sky. 

photo (89)

I was able to take cupcakes to celebrate with her at school.  I’m no longer worried about her not making friends.  I’m more worried about her becoming the class clown. LOL!  She was the same goofy Olivia that she is at home.  When we sang Happy Birthday to her in her class, she got up and danced.  It did my heart good to know that she is comfortable being herself.  And who cannot love her?

photo (90)

A friend of mine from high school made these cupcakes for me.  They looked so cute with her Care Bear plates and napkins.  And they were delicious!

We ended the day with dinner at her favorite restaurant, Genghis Grill.  And at 6:18 pm, while we were there, she officially became six years old. We thought it was neat that her number was 56. . .she walked in being 5 and walked about being 6. 

photo (94)

And she swears that she got taller. 

Two of her favorite gifts were her Squinkies mansion

photo (92)

and her cottage bed tent that she is happily snoozing in. May her future far exceed even her best dreams.

photo (93)

Thank you, Olivia, for giving ME this day.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! What a happy girl! I would have loved to have seen her dance in her class ;-) And I love how you celebrate and remember Logan too. So very special!