Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Olivia has been wearing her toothless grin proudly today. :-) Look at those gorgeous, straight baby teeth.

Also, an update on our cat, Tobey: He has one messed up mouth. It seems his back baby teeth never fell out which caused his permanent teeth to become impacted. Thus, causing all kinds of problems. So, he is in surgery having teeth pulled and repairing his exposed jaw bone. Poor guy. Who knows how much pain he has been in and you'd never know it as he is the sweetest thing ever! Olivia was concerned about him and asked if the tooth fairy could visit him tonight. So, I helped her write this letter.

How priceless is this? So, really, if the tooth fairy could show up that would be great as we have no new cat toys around here. It may have to be canned food instead as that will be all he eats for awhile.

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