Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tobey Update

So, here are the facts about our furry four legged friend, Tobey.

He has some kind of rare disorder that doesn't allow his permanent teeth to erupt. Instead they become impacted in his jaw.

He currently has a life threatening bone infection that we are dealing with in addition to recovering from major surgery.

I have to take him into the vet daily for a laser treatment. We are then being referred to a dental specialist for additional surgery. And that will cost a pretty penny. A very pretty penny. But, what do you do?

On the outside looking in, you would think,"I'd never go in debt over a cat!" But, he is only three years old! He is as good as gold around my girls. He actually enjoys being around Abigail who sometimes pulls his tail and is still learning about "gentle." He used to have tea parties with Olivia and they would take turns sliding down the slide. He can sometimes be annoying but only because he thinks he has to be with you every second of every day. He acts more like a dog than a cat.

It's not as if this will be a long term problem. He will basically end up without many teeth, but I've heard cats do fine with that. He lapped up the puréed food I made him tonight. It's not even a quality of life issue. He is still the happiest, sweetest cat ever, which blows my mind! It just boils down to cost and how much an animal's life is worth. And that is tough because every person has a different threshold. Mine is probably a bit more than most as I've always been a bit more sensitive to stuff like this. But it just plain sucks. For now, we are going to hopefully get rid of the infection and meet with the specialist to get more information. And I'll get busy putting together a slideshow of Tobey to a Sarah McLachlan song and begin asking for donations. Haha! Not really. . .well. . .hmm. :-)

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