Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

I am so so proud of Olivia. She has matured so much in the last few weeks. It used to feel like pulling teeth to get her to sit down and work on anything that resembled learning. Now she sits at the table every night and works incredibly hard! I just learned not to do it until after Abigail is in bed. She is the most receptive after 7:30. Olivia is writing all of her letters and is reading all of her sight words! She comes to the table every night excited about what we are going to do.

And this impressed me! Yes, she knows her shapes and is pretty good with patterns, but she had to read what color to color each shape. And she did it perfectly.

And speaking of pulling teeth, her first loose tooth is barely hanging on! She doesn't want us to pull it and instead wants it to come out on its own. According to her, it may want to stay with its baby teeth friends a little longer. She is very excited about a visit from the tooth fairy, however. She's losing teeth, Abigail's getting teeth. We talk about teeth in our house a lot. LOL!

This doesn't have anything to do with teeth, but check out the train that Olivia drew today!

It's better than my trains! My goodness! And she needed OT for 5 years!

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Brandi W. said...

I am so glad that she is doing well. Kids are so amazing! I can't believe that Abigail is getting teeth already. Didn't you just have her?! Time is flying by.