Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mary Kay

I wanted to let all of you know that I'm now a Mary Kay consultant! If you are not 100% happy with your current skin care routine, I would love to find one that works for you!Need Christmas gift ideas? One on one consultations? Samples and freebies? Let me know whatever you want or need. I will have a lot of great promotions in the coming weeks and if you are in town or surrounding areas, I will deliver straight to you! You can always order directly from my website as well. I'm here for you and to make you feel beautiful!


If you already have a Mary Kay consultant, please let me know what you like most about her and what your favorite Mary Kay product is! This is so I will know what I definitely need to have in stock! If you don't, I'd love to become your personal consultant!And if I can do anything for you, please let me know!

Thank you all for your support on this new endeavor!

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