Thursday, November 7, 2013

Olivia P.

Olivia's new favorite obsession is Junie B Jones. We can sit down and I'll read an entire book in one evening. They always make her laugh and she relates so well to them. Olivia reminds me a lot of Junie B with her thought processes and the names she comes up with for things. Olivia was thrilled to find the entire collection in her Scholastic Book Order. We have only read about 5 of them (over and over again.) Tonight we read the one about the monster under her bed. Junie B was getting her class picture taken and telling the photographer (aka the cheese man) about how once she wasn't ready for her picture to be taken. She showed him how she had one eye open and one eye closed. . .and then he took her picture! Olivia laughed and wanted to get her picture taken just like that. I joked that from now on I'll just call her Olivia P.

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