Saturday, November 2, 2013

My earrings

I thought I'd share the story about how I got these earrings.

My grandma gave them to me about 20 years ago, I believe. My grandpa got them for her during World War II when he was stationed in France.

The problem was. . .my grandma didn't have pierced ears. So, she gave them to me. It has been kind of emotional wearing them this weekend. I hardly ever wear them (or earrings at all for that matter.)
Just makes me sad. But, I'm so happy that my grandpa and grandma are together again. When my grandpa died in 2011, I believe they had been married about 68 years!?! I think? What a love story! I hope to give these earrings to Olivia or Abigail someday (although Olivia says she'll never have holes poked in her ears.) Maybe my grandma felt the same way?

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Alicia said...

Such a sweet story about the earrings! My grandma never had pierced ears either. I wonder if it wasn't as common back in that time? She always wore clip-ons.