Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Visual Learning

When Olivia went through the psychological testing last month, we discovered that she is brilliant with pattern recognition and spatial awareness and other visual learning tasks. Do you remember in school where they'd show you a shape and you had to pick which one was the same shape flipped and rotated 90 degrees, etc? Olivia is amazing at this.  For example, Abigail has started playing with mega blocks so Olivia has started playing with them too.  She created this in her room and took a picture.

Later this evening, with almost complete memorization, she recreated a flipped U shape with the end piece now at the beginning. Without even thinking about it, she knew which way to orient the pieces.  I even had to think about which way they would go.  It was astonishing to watch.  Then she had me make blocks and we paired them up in partners.  When it was time to go to bed, she told me to put my blocks back in the bag, but I couldn't remember which ones were mine.  She had no problem, of course, telling me the 13 blocks that were hers. LOL!  And you should see how she puts on her shirts. . .face up and upside down on the floor in front of her.  Then she scoops it up and puts it on. Never gets it wrong. LOL! Smarty pants. 

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