Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007 - Update

Well. . .what a day! I’ll start with the bad news. Olivia had another eye exam today and they found that she does have stage 1 ROP in zone 2. I have attached a link explaining that in greater detail. It could resolve on its own or progress to one of the other stages. I just keep praying that God takes care of her eyes and protects her precious eyesight.


Now for the good news. . .she was put on CPAP today around noon. Ryan called me after talking to the doctor and he was taking off work in the afternoon to be with her on her first day on CPAP. I wanted to go with him so I rushed around to get ready and we were going to meet for lunch before heading up there. As I got into my car, I checked to make sure I had everything I needed. Bag? Check. Door locked? Check. Bottles to pump with at the hospital? Check. Buttoned down shirt to change into if I held her? Check. Camera? Check. Cell phone? Check. Keys. . .keys. . . .keys??? Yeah, so I locked myself out of the house. I called Ryan to tell him to go ahead without me and I would figure out a way to get up there. Well, he decides (although quite grumpily) to drive the 30 minutes across town to come get me. Anyway, we finally got up there and she was doing fabulous on CPAP. She loves turning her head from side to side without the restrictions of the vent tube. We left for a little while to meet Ryan’s co-workers at BG Bolton’s and after returning, we learned she had an apnea/bradycardia (where she forgets to breathe and drops her heart rate) While on the ventilator, it wasn’t that big of a deal because it was doing some of the breathing for her. Now, they have to get in and stimulate her to get her to start breathing again. It is very frightening and she had two more while we were there. We do understand that many babies must go back on the ventilator a couple of times after starting on CPAP. This is pretty common. It is also pretty common for babies to have more frequent periods of apnea/bradycardias when on CPAP. We are also expecting her to reach the 3 lb mark tonight as she is 2 lbs 15.5 oz.

Tomorrow, as you know, is Halloween and one of Ryan’s favorite times of year. He actually proposed to me six years ago on Halloween by dressing up as a trick-or-treater down on his knees. I gave him some candy. He gave me a ring. As all of you probably suspected, we will not be putting out our Halloween display this year. We will actually not even be home as we will be spending the evening with Olivia. It is her first Halloween, after all. She is going as a “big girl.” Last year we had over 100 trick-or-treaters visit our house, so I’m sure there will be some disappointed children. Don’t worry. . .we’ll be back next year.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Olivia! Just remember to breathe if you don't want that nasty ventilator back in! And don't worry Jodi. We've all locked ourselves out a time or two. :-)


Shannon said...

I am so happy to see that she is onto CPAP now!!! Don't get too discouraged if it doesn't last too long ...most kiddos need a couple tries! :)

abby said...

I read about the apnea and bradycardia and just wanted to second what Shannon had to say... If she gets tired on it, please don't worry too much. It took us four tries to get Hallie off of the vent, and this is very common. It's so, so hard for us to be patient at this stage, but you guys truly are at a milestone here...we are praying for her to do really well on the CPAP (holding our own breath, even), but please please don't think it's a permanent setback if she ends up back on the vent again. She may need a bit of a rest from CPAP (which is also very hard for kids to take) but she's a fighter...

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Glunt Family and HAPPY HALLOWEEN OLIVIA!
Olivia, you won't need a costume because you are already "a little angel". Jodi & Ryan, you won't need costumes either, because you are already "an awesome MOM and an awesome DAD". Jodi, don't feel bad about locking yourself out because we have all done it at some time or another. Just hide you a key somewhere in case it happens again. Ryan, we all need to take a lesson in patience from you. Olivia, it is G-R-E-A-T that you got off of the ventilator and that you are now over 2 lbs. I pray for all 3 of you all of the time.
Love Ya! M.A.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What an amazing daughter you have! Jodi and Ryan, how exciting that Olivia is on CPAP! That was so excellent to read about! I'm so proud of her! She is so wonderful! Olivia you are so fabulous! You have more strength than the strongest person in the world! You are one of the many reasons I pray to this Awesome God!
Jodi and Ryan,
You must be proud of your 'big girl.' You truely are super-heroes in my eyes, with and without a costume. Let's see your super-powers are...
Jodi, you have the amazing ability to be faithful even in the worst predicaments. You have no weaknesses and you can decide if you want to add like super strength or, wait, you already have super strength. HAHA!
Ryan, you have the amazing ability of super speed. You can fly, in your car, with a smile on your face when someone, cough-cough, locks herself out of the house. (hee-hee) You can decide if you would want to add x-ray vision or the ability to talk to animals or whatever. But yeah, those powers are there for the both of you.
You must be so proud of Olivia, she looks so happy in the pictures! (Which I love) I can't be more happier for your family. All of you are such amazing people that I can only wish to be like one day.
I know that Olivia will be happier without all of those tubes bugging her. I think about you guys all the time. You all are so incredible.
I hope you have an amazing first Halloween with your 'little angel.'
She truely is precious.
Love you all,
Stay Strong,

Anonymous said...

Please remind Olivia that it is highly advised to keep breathing!
Love you all