Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday, November 1, 2007 - The Number 22

Many years ago, I was in the Perfect Peace Christian bookstore. As I was checking out, my total came to $22.22. I went to write out my check and realized that the date was May 22, 2000. The clerk then asked that my phone number be written on the check. At that time, the last four digits were 2238. The clerk quickly caught on and we had a good laugh. I remember that he looked at me jokingly and asked, “And what age do you happen to be?” I was 22 years old (great, I just gave my age away.) I can’t describe it, but it was a really weird experience and over the years the number 22 has come up multiple times whether it was my table number at a restaurant or my total at other stores.

I started showing signs of preterm labor at 22 weeks. I remember being determined not to go into labor at 22 weeks. This couldn’t be what the significance of the number 22 meant! Because of this determination, I was pretty cautious during that week when I was on bed rest. This may have given Logan and Olivia that extra, crucial week. I am not a superstitious person, but I had never been more relieved to make it to 23 weeks. Of course, I wish I would have made it a lot further.

At the time I didn’t notice that when I arrived at the hospital on August 27th, I was taken to room 22. This is where I gave birth to Olivia. . .my perfect peace.


Anonymous said...

I am just sobbing-the pictures, that awesome proposal, and 3 pounds!! Wow!!

Jodi, you are the BEST momma! Don't you ever doubt your decisions you've made nor your intentions. You continue to warm my heart with your actions and words. You are just the best, best mom and deserve many years with your girl!! -Stacy Woodard

Anonymous said...

I still remember your address from back then too! It was like a rhyme. I would say it now, but then everyone would know your parents' address. I'm assuming they still live there. Hmm...add the ones in the address together and you'd have 22 again. Okay so I'm sure no one is following this comment, but hopefully you are Jodi. I have a strange stream of consciousness I know.

I hope Olivia is still kicking CPAP booty. I look forward to tonight's update!


Anonymous said...

Wow! How ironic. That's really strange but it's cool in another way too.

Nikki said...

Hi. I know this is an old post, but I just started reading your blog today and couldn't help but mention... the number 222 has been very significant in my life, my father's life, and my grandmother's life. It appears everywhere, all the time. Maybe there's something special about the number 2?