Monday, December 31, 2007

Monday, December 31, 2007 - Stroller Dilemma

Olivia is learning to grasp her toys.

Olivia looking at the pretty baby in the mirror.

Sleeping Beauty

I will attempt to shorten what has become this complicated issue. Back when I was pregnant, I found the perfect double stroller. . .in Graco G Galore (it has Gs all over it . . .for Glunt, ya know.) For some reason, I HAD to have that one and broke down into tears when I couldn’t purchase it with the 2 matching car seats. You could buy the double stroller OR you could get it in the travel system with the single stroller and car seat. We wanted the double stroller with 2 car seats, but could not get it even after calling Graco direct. We had to buy the double stroller, 2 different car seats plus the G Galore pads and switch out the pads. We finally had our double stroller with 2 G Galore car seats that we now no longer need. We can’t take it back because we purchased them at 3 different places and it was quite a while ago. I need to get rid of the double stroller as it is a painful reminder of what could have been. If anyone is in need of a double stroller, please email me. I promise to make you a really good deal on it. . .it’s never been used and never even been outside. Here is a picture of the stroller.

Okay, now we want the single G Galore stroller that matches her car seat, but since you can only buy it in a travel system, I would have to buy the stroller with a 3rd car seat. I don’t need three car seats! Does anybody have any suggestions?


Drew's Mom said...

If you happened to purchase anything from Babies R Us, I know that they will take anything back, any reason, with no time frame. Just ask for a manager if the associate is giving you a hard time. It is ashame that you can not return these brand new items.

Craigs List is a great place to look for baby stuff. People are always selling (so you might see if someone is selling the G Galore on there). Also, if you wanted, you could list the items you have that you don't think you can return.

I can't tell if the "G Collection" is the same as the "G Galore", but they have a single stroller, no car seat on Graco's site. I have ordered from them before and items are shipped fast, and to your home.

Keith & Sarah Milligan said...

Babies R Us carries the G Galore double stroller. You can return it there - even without a receipt. You will only get store credit though, if you only have a receipt. But, hey, if you need a high chair, or you're going to need a convertible car seat in the future, or whatever, store credit is very useful!

However, I don't have any ideas on the single stroller. Have you tried calling Graco?

Anonymous said...

Aw! I'm sorry. That's kinda crumby to be thinking about on New Years. Sorry. Both of you have been through so much, and for some people to have the nerve to not pull a few strings is just crazy!! They should at least have given you a single stroller. Jeeez.
Jodi and Ryan, you guys have done so much in four months that some people won't do in their lifetime, serioulsy. You shouldn't be worried about a stroller tonight. Please go out and have some fun with your 'little treasure.' Even if your definition of fun is just having a slumber party and catching up on some sleep hours, at least you'll all be together to ring in the new year. (Even if you're asleep as it happens, you're still together!) Spend the rest of '07 happily, '08's comin'!
Happy New Year!!!
Love you all!
Stay Strong,

abby said...

We have no advice on the G Graco system, but know exactly what you mean about the double stroller painful memories. If we ever do have a second child, I am not sure what it's going to feel like shopping for a double stroller. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

On the Baby's R Us return thing: I'd go ahead and do it if you could, because you will be spending a fortune there over the next couple of years. Between high chairs, potty training, baby gates, not to mention diapers and all of those daily life kinds of necessities, you will be signing pay check after paycheck over to the R Us folks!

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful daughter!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!

Mir said...

What a cutie you have!!

We have the Graco Pierson safe seat and the Metropolitan stroller, so you don't HAVE to get too matchy-matchy. Ours look great together, and you can't tell they don't belong.

I'd look at another brown stroller, maybe like the Darius, and use that instead.