Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturday, January 5, 2008 - Update

We decided to stop the NeoSure for a few days and see how Olivia does. We have her solely on breast milk (along with the Poly-Vi-Sol.)
It’s too soon to tell if it’s made a difference, but she just had a humongous stool and is as happy as can be right now. She just took her last bottle really well, so we’ll see how she does.

I noticed that KSN had a big story on RSV and how it’s the worst outbreak in years. Wesley’s pediatric unit is almost at full capacity and they may have to start diverting people to Denver, Kansas City, etc. It scares me to death, but luckily we don’t have to get Olivia out until her next Synagis shot on Jan 31st. I know we don’t allow very many visitors, but we just ask that if you do visit. . .please evaluate your health before ever stepping foot in our house. We just have to make it to April!!! I know that Olivia has some of the best cousins in the world. They want to meet her so badly, but have been so patient by placing Olivia’s needs before their own. I love you and miss you guys so much!


Anonymous said...

I hope that taking away the Neosure helps.
Mom and I ran into Grandpa Glunt out grocery shopping. We got the latest update and funny stories.

Anonymous said...

This comment is a bit selfish, but some of the songs on the music player no longer work. Specifically "Fly" and "Praise You in this Storm." I love listening to all the songs at work. Anyway these songs can be put back on the player? :-)

Hope to see you soon. And if you ever want company when you're running errands, let me know! Give Olivia a hug for me!