Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday, January 4, 2008 - Update

Not too much to report today. Grandma and Grandpa Glunt came over so that Ryan could work later and I could go to the store. I think they enjoyed their time with her. Olivia is still struggling with gas. . .so much for my endorsement of Dr. Brown’s bottles. I have never met a baby who struggles with gas quite like Olivia and neither has Ryan’s mom who has cared for countless babies. Nothing seems to help. Her doctor had us increase the gas drops, we burp her during and after each feeding, etc. The gas pains just seem to make her miserable. If it wasn’t for the gassiness. . .she would be an extremely happy baby as that is the one thing that really upsets her. Hopefully, we’ll soon find a remedy that works.


23 Weekers said...

Hi Jodi. Carver struggles with a lot of gas, too. I was told that the high calorie formulas like Neosure are very gassy formulas. Carver is constipated all of the time, too. This seems to make him really fussy. Kinnick is on the Neosure and her G-tube leaks all of the time because of all of the gas that builds up in her stomach. The gas forces stomach contents out around the G-tube site. I give her gas drops before every feed .6ML. It helps some, but I can still feel and hear all of the gas in her tummy. My PT said to massage their tummies and bring their knees to their tummies. She said this would help them relieve some of the pain. I'm not sure if it relieves the pain or not, but it seems to make them happy. They laugh while I'm doing it (the knees part).


Keith & Sarah Milligan said...

I was also going to suggest that it could be the Neosure. Neosure is milk based (which bugs a lot of immature tummies) and it also can make them really gassy.


Anonymous said...

Hi There Glunt Family!
It is so good to see the pictures and updates! Everything is just sounding GREAT and isn't it amazing what God can do - when we let Him. My, my,how many,many, prayers have been answered and by so many, many,people. Olivia just gets prettier everytime I get new pictures and those of Mom & Dad are also making a big difference too - you guys look more relaxed, and "PROUD" is just written all over both of your faces. Finally getting to bring that precious baby home for Christmas time had to have been one of the happiest days of your lives! By the way, Olivia not only has a new cousin (Kaleb) but she will have a new friend at church. Lindsey & Garrett Cutler had Evelyn Lee Cutler on January 1. (She would be the niece of Heather & Scott Soderstrom - Heather is Garrett's sister). Anyway, just wanted you to know that I do wish the 3 of you the very best of the New Year and things are looking Great for 2008! I continue to pray for you all! Love Ya! M.A.