Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008 - Update

Daddy's Little Wildcat
Mommy's Little Princess
After some very deep soul-searching, I've decided to quit pumping. Nursing went well for awhile, but Olivia has a really hard time transitioning from bottle to breast. I tried a nipple shield that makes it more like a bottle, but she just likes to pull it off. At this time, we have to give Olivia her phenobarb mixed in a bottle, so we can't give up her bottles yet. It's just too difficult to keep feeding her and then pump afterwards when she just wants to be held. I need to get rid of some stress and this seems to be one way to alleviate some. I think Olivia would prefer a relaxed mommy over mommy's milk. It's difficult because I really feel that my milk helped save her life as 23 weekers' digestive systems are not ready to handle formula. It also gave her some antibodies that she didn't get in the last trimester. I always want to do what's best for her and I feel proud that I could pump for almost 5 months. We have a freezer and deep freeze full of frozen milk that she'll still get for some time. But, I tell ya. . . .I'm ready to put my pump away and never see it again for as long as I live.


The Myers Family said... hubby is a wildcat too! Graduated in 88/89(i think)! He grew up in Eureka, KS! What a small world! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now. I'm so happy your sweet baby is doing soo well! Don't be sad about giving up's HARD to pump and feed! I stopped after only 6 weeks with all my girls! It's just to exhausting to pump and feed soo much! You will physically feel better and formula is just as good!

Your family is in my prayers!

Emily said...

*hugs* You've done an awesome thing for Olivia, way longer than most women do too. I totally understand the feeling of dread that comes over you when you see the pump.

Anonymous said...

Glad that she's doing wonderful! I love the Wildcat picture!
Talk to you all later!
Love you all!
Stay Strong,

Anonymous said...

You were able to go a very long time with pumping and feeding Olivia and doing everything else you had to be doing. It is a very hard and sometimes forced decision to give up the pumping when nutritionally it benefits them so much. But, Kerrick will tell you that he does like having a mommy with some sanity. As you know, I have experience with many babies who were breastfed and given formula. All were happy and healthy.


Anonymous said...

Olivia makes a great Wildcat!
Love it! I am glad Olivia is doing so well.
Love, Marty

Anonymous said...

Olivia looks so pretty, love the Wildcat picture! Don't feel bad about giving up pumping, you are an awesome mom and you need to do what is better for you too. She will still have your milk for sometime.And you'll feel better physically.
Your family is in my prayerers.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I haven't been on in such a long time. But with this last semester, my teachers are making sure I'm still on my toes. I have algebra and english and have about one and a half to two hours of homework everynight. It's absolutely insane, and basketball every night is just icing on the cake. So as much as I sneak around to try to get on, my mom kicks me off and tells me to do my homework instead, then she says I can't check until my homework is done. So I'm trying to find a routine that will work. So I can check as religiously as I have been.
Jodi, I was at a friends house, and she has cable, we were flipping through channels and one channel said something about preemie's and RSV. So I yelled 'Stop, go back!!' And there was a family on DiscoveryHealth and they had preemie quints! I don't remember how old they were but, they were also having a high RSV season. And two of the babies had gotten it. And I finally got a little bit more understanding of what RSV really was. I thought it was just another name for a cold, or something. I was so wrong! But it was really interesting, we watched that channel for like 3 hours! It was really educational.
Glad to hear she is doing splendid!
Love you all!
Stay Strong,

Morales Family said...

5 months is incredible! I pumped exclusively with our son (he/I didn't take to breastfeeding directly) and know how much work it is. Congratulations for going so long and during such a critical time. This will free up more time for you to love, stimulate, cuddle your precious daughter. Certainly, breastmilk is a distant second to that! Take care!