Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008 - RSV

I know I talk a lot about RSV, so I thought I would provide some additional information. This year, the Wichita area is one of the hardest hit in the nation. (Of all years and of all places.)

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keg said...

I pray for you all every chance I get. I pray that Olivia does not get RSV.
When I was little I brought RSV home from preschool and gave it to my newborn brother. Granted he was not a preemie but it was none the less a horrible time in our lives to see him sturggle. Some people just dont relize how devistating it is. His weight dropped below his birth weight for several months, he was on constant sterroids for months and months and had to choose weather to eat or breathe. He has finally gotten over his breathing difficulties due to it(age 12 now). It bothers me that people just dont relize the seriousness that should be taken with this illness, especally with preemies.

I pray that you all will remain healthy and Olivia will continue to grow. May God be with you all through this stressful time in your lives
-Kathryn Elizabeth