Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Look At How Big She Has Gotten

Then (1.5 months old)
We thought she was big then and she was compared to her birth weight!
Now (5.5 months old)
Olivia is one of the few people who will someday most likely be over 100 times her birth weight.

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Don said...

Somebody said the old guy holding Olivia is me....but....I don't believe it! Something must be wrong with Ryan's camera...or my computer. Anyway, I feel great...and young as ever! I've got two beautiful GRAND daughters....Olivia and Isabelle! Life is wonderful! Other grandparents know what I feel when I hold Izzy and Olivia. All of life is a miracle. Babies are all miracles! My Son's daughter, Izzy is an amazing miracle. And, nothing against all the miracle babies in the world, Olivia is somehow just a little bit more of a miracle than most! What a trooper she is....such an inspiration to so many! Having not seen her for quite a while due to illnesses, she has certainly grown! To finally see Olivia's huge smile that Jodi has talked about was such a treat! And, to observe Jodi and Ryan with sweet Olivia is also such a treat! They have endured so much these past six months. They deserve a huge dose of happiness....and Olivia delivers just that! Jodi amazes us every day. Her determination to put one foot in front of the other matter so inspiring. And, Olivia has shown that same characteristic. matter what! Go Olivia!

Olivia's Grandpa