Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 - Update


By Michael Blumenthal

You are holding up a ceiling with both arms.

It is very heavy, but you must hold it up,

or else it will fall down on you.

Your arms are tired, terribly tired,

and, as the day goes on, it feels as if either your arms

or the ceiling will soon collapse.

But then, unexpectedly, something wonderful happens:

Someone, a man or a woman,

walks into the room

and holds their arms up to the ceiling beside you.

So you finally get to take down your arms.

You feel the relief of respite,

the blood flowing back to your fingers and arms.

And when your partner's arms tire,

you hold up your own to relieve him again.

And it can go on like this for many years

without the house falling.

Ryan and I have always enjoyed this poem. . .in fact we had it printed up in our wedding program. We live by it's message every day. I remember many times calling each other from work after a long, hard day and we only had to say, "I'm going to need you to hold the ceiling up tonight." That was all that was needed in order to let the other know how bad our day was. There have been many times in the past 5 1/2 months that neither one of us has been able to hold up the ceiling. During those times, an amazing thing has happened. A former 1 lb. 1.5 oz little girl has raised her hands up high and held the ceiling for all three of us. Of course, this is a strength that can only come from God, our Heavenly Father. God sent her to us to give us strength, joy, peace and love and for that I will be forever thankful.

All three of us remain healthy and for that I am thankful as well.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I feel like a sinner almost because I haven't been faithful on reading and commenting the blog, I feel so guilty not being on. But I'm here and hopefully making up for lost time.
I love the pictures of Livi in her chair! They're so cute!! And that is absolutely crazy that everyone at the doctors office was sick! I'm glad, though, that everyone is still healthy.
And I love the marrage poem. I'm glad that you both are still holding up the ceiling, but nobody doubted you at all, not will they ever!
Love you guys!
Stay Strong,

Anonymous said...

Also Jodi, how's your brother?

Jodi said...

I believe he is doing good and he is back to work. I should probably call later this week and check up on him.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have all recovered from the EEG episode. It is so frustrating that people don't undersatnd the impact that going to work sick might make. Thanks to parents like you though, voices are finally being heard! And, what a neat poem. I think you just made my valentines day. Now I don't even have to decide what to put in Steve's card. Not many people can truly relate this poem to their marriage. I feel blessed to say I can!
Some of the smallest people have the biggest souls and hearts! How true it is that children can run in with arms wide open and save any day!
-Sending all three of you hugs today!
Nurse Holli

Anonymous said...

I totally understand about a child becoming part of the family and "holding up the ceiling" as part of their responsibility. I cannot tell you how many times Rebekah has difused a tense situation with her charming humor and "held up the ceiling" for our family. Julia as well with her gentle reminders of biblical principles. Loved the photo!!!
Happy Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

What a great Valentine's Day blessing you all are to us blog addicted friends and/or family! Glad you're all still healthy.

BIG hugs....Shelly K.

Anonymous said...

I actually read this update last night and it made me cry when I read about little Olivia holding up the ceiling. She's amazing.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope someday I find someone to help me hold up the ceiling so I can experience the kind of awesome relationship you and Ryan must have. Sigh. Someday.


P.S. Jodi, you're kicking my butt at the March for Babies thing. I've increased my goal so maybe people will feel sorry for me and donate! :-) I also put one of those badge-thingies on my myspace page!

Casey's trio said...

I just read through your last few posts and wanted you to know how sorry I am that the doctor's office was so insensitive to bringing Olivia in for her appt with an obviously very sick technician. I remember when our girls were in the NICU, there was a nurse who only worked on weekends and she always had a hacking cough that made me cringe...I think she was a smoker, but I still remember thinking how amgry I would have been if she would have been caring for my kids while coughing throughout her 8 hour shift. Kudos to you for insisting that they disinfect the place as best as they could.
Thanks for sharing the seems the title could be changed to "A Family" to include your miracle girl who brings you so much strength and happiness.