Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008 - Update

Animals? Where are you?
There you are!

You're all so funny!

Olivia is becoming increasingly aware of everything around her. So much so, that it's often hard to get her to take her bottle. She wants to look around and smile and talk to everything she sees. She's realizing that she can hit some of her toys and make them play music. It's very rewarding to watch her make these discoveries. She also has developed a newfound appreciation for her mobile. Who knew that little animals dancing around in a circle could be so entertaining.


Kim said...

That smile is precious! You can really tell how much she loves her toys. I am glad that you like the jeans, I do too, and she looks SO cute in them. It brings back lots of memories!

Kerry said...

Who knew that animals dancing in a circle could be so funny? BABIES that's who! She is so cute as always.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how this darling little girl is
growing up! She is just
too cute for words - and
she has "Miss Personality"
written all over her little
face. I'm so glad that "Mom
and Dad" got to go spend a
little time together, be-
cause I'm sure it has been
quite some time since you
have been able to do that
and you are so lucky to
have both sets of Grand-
parents here to enable you
to go do that very thing.
Your whole family is blessed and all of us are
blessed by having all of
you as our friends. Give
that precious Olivia a big
hug & kiss!
Love Ya,