Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008 - Update

I'm going to take this off now, okay?

This morning, at her 8 am bottle, Olivia took 6 oz. It may not sound like much, but this is the most she has ever taken. Then, she took another 6 oz. at her 11 am bottle. What a record-breaking day. Plus, she hasn't thrown up in over 2 weeks. Things are good here on the feeding front.

Also, if you wish to learn more about other amazing 23-weekers, below is a story about Jake and Josh, now 6 years old. (Thanks Ashle, for the link.) Sometimes it's hard to describe just how many obstacles Olivia has had to overcome and how miraculous her life is.

She was on a ventilator for over 2 months. This scarred her tiny lungs, which is why we continue to keep her healthy. An illness could still send her back to the hospital. Like many micro-preemies, she too had a hole in her heart. Luckily, it closed with medication. Logan's did not and he had to have heart surgery (a PDA ligation) at just a few days old. She escaped NEC, which they monitored for very closely. She escaped brain bleeds. She had over a dozen blood transfusions. She will forever be scarred from the leads and monitors that were on her under-developed skin. Cerebral palsy, at least a mild form of it, cannot be ruled out until she is around 2 years old. Olivia was never reunited with her brother which is something that I dreamed about every day after they were born. But, after 105 days. . .we got to bring Olivia home. I will forever be grateful for that.


Heather said...

Isn't she just adorable:)

Way to go Olivia! 6 oz? Twice? She's going to weigh more than Ella here pretty soon!

PS I figured you would know that hallway in the picture:) You walked that way toooooo often!

Kerry said...

She's definitely something special Jodi! Can't wait to see her at over 14 pounds!!!

Jamie said...

Hey Jodi, I've been reading your blog for quite awhile now but have never commented.

I feel like we have a good bit in common. I had 25 week triplets last July. They are right at a month older than Olivia. Our son Adam only lived 12 hours. Will spent 100 days in the NICU and Lindy spent 143 days in the NICU. Will had a bowel perforation at 5 days but otherwise did pretty well. Lindy went through the ringer, got about everything she could have. Including severe ROP for which she had 5 eye surgeries. One reason I felt compelled to write is that Lindy got glasses 2 months ago (when she was 8 months old). You had written a post recently about Olivia possibly needing glasses and I wanted you to know that I understand how you feel and thought you might like to check out Lindy in her specs. It was hard getting used to them but now I think they are adorable. Unfortunately Lindy has severe hearing loss as well as severe vision loss so I have to keep hearing aides and glasses on her little head. Not much fun!

There were other things I laughed about having in common, like we used to cover ourselves with a towel because Lindy would projectile vomit pretty often. I also know how you feel about the developmental delays. Will is doing really well for his adjusted age and Lindy is chugging along. Just about two weeks ago she started rolling from back to belly and reaching for objects.

Just wanted you to know someone else out there is going through very similar situations!!


Anonymous said...

I love the shirt!