Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What A Crappy Evening

All I wanted all day were cheese fries from Dog-N-Shake. After Ryan got home from work we went on a walk. (It was during this walk that I told him how I wanted the next few days to be stress free. . .pshhh) We then jumped in his pickup to get dinner at Dog-N-Shake. While waiting in the drive-thru line, Olivia started screaming bloody murder. Once we got home, it continued. Ryan went to pull his pickup in the garage and it wouldn't start. The battery went dead. He was outside dealing with that and Olivia continued screaming inside. I gave her a bath and she calmed down. . .until I took her out of the water. I gave her Tylenol, we watched her Praise Baby video, I tried feeding her, burping her, singing to her, rocking her, walking around with her, etc. She cried for over 2 hours! This is not like her at all. I'm now pretty worried about her. Finally, she went to sleep about 9 pm. So much for our record-breaking 28 oz. day yesterday. She has only taken about 16 oz today and hasn't eaten since 5pm. Oh, and my cheese fries?? They sat on the dining room table until they were no longer edible.

**When Ryan went to AutoZone to buy a new battery, he stopped by Dog-N-Shake and brought home. . .cheese fries! What a great husband I have! We are all incredibly exhausted.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you necessarily need to be worried. She could be cutting her first tooth. Teething can cause them to not want to eat because the sucking can cause pain. Claire didn't fuss when she teethed. Asher screamed bloody murder and wouldn't calm down. We had to give him tylenol, ibuprofen, ora-jel and teething tablets at the same time. She is probably ready for her first tooth like you said. You could try massaging her gums. My kids loved that.

Julie Hamlett

Sarah Furlough said...

I agree- she's probably teething. Cooper, who never cried, was a mess when he was getting his first tooth. We used lots of Tylenol and frozen teethers to get through it.

Good luck!

Kerry said...

Wow, what an evening! I'm sorry you had such a stressful night, but boy isn't Ryan wonderful to bring you fresh cheese fries?!

I hope Olivia is just teething. Teething must hurt quite a bit. I don't remember myself though. :-)