Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday, June 8, 2008 - Update

Did my mom tell you?
I weigh about 13 lbs 10 oz!

For a child that is not yet rolling over, Olivia sure can get around. She scoots around and when on her back she can do a sort of crab walk. I've never met a child so close to rolling over who isn't rolling over. That has to be some sort of developmental milestone in and of itself.

I've also started strapping her into her bouncy seat. I feel like I'm always strapping her into something. . .her car seat, her stroller, her swing, etc. So, I haven't been using the straps on her bouncy seat. She is usually only in it while I'm getting ready in the morning and I can see her at all times. Well, today she was on her way to scooting herself out of it, so I had to use the straps. You'd think I was trying to cage a wild animal. . .she was not happy about it at all. She's going to be mobile before I know it. . .rolling or not.

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Amanda said...

My son is 10 ALMOST 10 months old- and he didnt roll over till he was like... 8 months old!.. he just didnt want to! So Im sure she's fine... she just doesnt want to right now:) Nate hated laying on his belly... so he probably thought... why would I roll over? I hate it there! so... Im sure she will real soon! Her eyes are looking alot better to me:) cute cute girl!