Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thirty Things You Ought To Know By The Time You're Thirty

Since many of my friends and I have turned 30 this year, I thought this would be fun to post. I have highlighted (in yellow) the ones that I have done or know how to do.

Here's a creative twist on a life "to-do" list: 30 things to know or do by the time you're 30:

1. To take your hat off while eating. I don't wear many hats, though.
2. To bring a hostess gift. I don't go to many parties.
3. Have a valid passport.
4. How to make small talk.
5. Your credit score.
6. And your blood type.
7. How to do laundry.
8. And scramble eggs.
9. Your parents' birthdays.
10. How to drive a stick shift.
11. And order a bottle of wine.
12. How to set up, and check, bank and credit card balances online.
13. How to wrap a gift. - Does it have to look really pretty?
14. Own a suitcase.
15. Have a local florist, not 1-800 FLOWERS. - Does the grocery store count?
16. How to negotiate. - I'm not a very good negotiator.
17. And compromise.
18. How to jump a car/change a tire.
19. Have a retirement plan. - My husband does. Does that count?
20. When to stop drinking.
21. How to file a complaint.
22. How to make a bed -- complete with hospital corners. - Does it have to look really pretty?
23. Own a pair of jeans you can wear out to dinner.
24. How to play a sport (excelling not required).
25. How much cologne is too much.
26. When you need a dinner reservation.
27. To tip the maid in a hotel.
28. To make exceptions for children, and seniors.
29. How to apologize.
30. How to give a good hug.

I have 23/30. . .not bad. It looks like I need to learn more about cars. Maybe I should have also learned how to NOT back into my father-in-law's generator with my car. (I did that last week.)

In other news, Olivia did well at her neurologist appt today. So far, they still do not see any signs of cerebral palsy. At her next appt in 6 months, they should be able to rule it out definitively. And, at the next appt (when she's 15 months) they only expect her to be at a 8-10 month level. Olivia is doing a lot of things great, such as smiling, laughing, eating, sleeping through the night. I'm sure that soon she'll start rolling over (although I learned today that this is not a developmental milestone) and reaching for toys. The doctor pulled out her car keys and dangled them in front of Olivia to see if she would reach for them. She didn't and I secretly applauded her. We don't know where those keys have been! Maybe that's the problem. . .Olivia takes too much after her parents.


Kerry said...

I am going to do this post as well. I think I may have a lot to learn before I turn 31!

RyanAndrew2007 said...

Can I post these on my blog? I'm approaching 30 quickly and I have a few that I need to work on. lol.


Jodi said...

Julie, Sure that would be fine!