Saturday, August 23, 2008

A First Birthday Party To Remember

I rode Mr. Giraffe before the party started.

My dad made giraffe balloon animals!

I'm ready!

Did you see all of my presents?


This was my own special cake.
Mmmm. . .
It's yummy!
We had a wonderful first birthday party for Olivia. Wow, she got a lot of presents. I don't know where we're going to put them all. We are all exhausted. I have more pictures and I will write more tomorrow. Thank you to everyone for making it such an enjoyable and memorable day.


23 Weekers said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!


Cristi said...

Oh my goodness at the presents!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! It's so enjoyable watching you grow and learn!

Erin Etling Jones

Stacie said...

Glad to see all the smiles. I know today you celebrated Olivia's life and honored Logan's. I hope this day was all that you had prayed it would be.
How wonderful it is to see you and Ryan holding your beautiful baby girl!
Hope you all had an amazing day!

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

It looks like she made out quite well!! Happy birthday Olivia!

Amanda said...

Such a cute theme! I knew you were doing giraffes, but it turned out so cute! You have a really nice house too :) (like all the hand sanitizer sitting on the table) (nice touch) :) good idea! and good grief, look at all the presents! how fun! i always get excited when the kids get new toys, cause lets face it, WE play with the toys too witht them! I am so glad that it went so well! Im sending out a gift today, so let me know when you get it... Happy Almost Real Birthday Olivia :)