Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008 - Update

This is mommy's new favorite outfit. She went on and on about how cute I looked in it.
She does that a lot though. I'm kind of used to it.

Remember my mom's friend, Stacie? Well, today we are going over to meet Stacie's mom and sister.

I'm pretty excited!

Here I am with Stacie. She's so nice.

And here I am with Stacie's mom. (Hmm. . . I thought I heard Stacie's mom say that she didn't want her picture on the blog. Mommy, you have some explaining to do.)

Here's another kitty! They had one at their house too!

Stacie's sister, Trista, helped me with some strength training. Whew, it was hard work.

I came home and crashed from all of the socializing (and jumping.) It was a great day.

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Shea said...

I totally agree, that outfit is adorable!