Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008 - Update

Don't I look cute in my dress?
Here I am standing up. . .my favorite pastime. . .besides jumping.
Here's my cheesiest grin.

I feel like such a big girl.

Whoa. . .a little wobbly there.

Okay, that's better. . .aren't I a good stander?
Okay, these are only about half of the adorable pictures I took yesterday before church. She was extra adorable yesterday. . but, I guess I say that every day. I think she just gets cuter every day.
Olivia went over to spend time with Grandma Mary so that I could go out to lunch with my long-time friend and previous boss, Pam. It was really nice to catch up. I can't believe clients still ask about me and I've been gone almost a year. I feel so bad that they have to re-tell my story every time. Pam, we'll have to do it again soon.


Kim said...

Love the cheesy smile!

Cristi said...

Just wondering what kind of "clients' you had/have? Curious

Jodi said...

I worked in the insurance industry.

Amanda said...

I swear... she is sooooo cute!!! and the "hair" :) I know they always say that the longer it takes them to get hair, then the thicker and faster growing it will be, and it is so true! My friends little girl looked like that till she was almost 3! Now shes 6 and has given it to locks of love like 4 times because it grows so long! I cant imagine Olivia with little piggy tails:) Your hairs thick though isnt it? I can tell from the pics that it looks full :) (me and my observations) :) I am so glad also to see how well Heather is doing! Crazy stuff man!!

Jodi said...

Yes, I didn't have any hair until I was over a year old and it is super thick today (I actually get it thinned sometimes.) Amanda, I notice things like that about people too. . heehee

Shea said...

Oh my gosh her dress is too cute!
I noticed her eye patch and hope that the patching continues to work. Glad you got to hang out with Pam today, that sounds like fun.

Julia said...

I feel I must comment on Olivia's behavior in church - she is AWESOME! I cracked up Sunday hearing both her and Kaleb singing along. Can't wait to have them both in Alpha Delta Omega, they seem to love music.