Saturday, September 13, 2008

G is for Giraffe

Today we had Olivia's Halloween costume "fitting." I wanted to make sure she wouldn't outgrow it by Halloween. It's still a little big, so it should fit perfect by then. The costume is just one of the amazing gifts that we've received from the Omli's. Some of you that began reading the blog at a later date, are probably wondering. . why giraffes? So, here is the post that I wrote explaining about just that:

(Blog post written Sept 26, 2007) When we were planning the nursery, we knew we wanted an animal theme because that would fit a boy and a girl. Well, it kind of turned into a giraffe theme because everything we started buying had a giraffe on it. We also bought a large 4 – 5 ft stuffed giraffe (Mr. Giraffe.) We kind of joked about the kids not being able to get away from giraffes. Shortly after they were born, Olivia was put on the blue lights that had a giraffe on it. She was then moved to her isolette that is the Giraffe brand. Then, they gave her an isolette cover that had, you guessed it, giraffes all over it. So, we have this weird connection to giraffes and today we learned that there was a baby giraffe born at the Sedgwick County Zoo. They named this baby giraffe. . . Olivia. I don’t know what all of it means, but it is all very intriguing.

I also ran across this picture taken December 2005 during our trip to Orlando. Of all the cutouts like this that we saw, I found it funny that I would have my picture taken with a giraffe.

Then, my dad found this picture of him as a baby. Hmmm. . .interesting that he had a picture taken in his high chair with. . .a giraffe. One of the many questions I have to ask God is "Why giraffes?"


Amanda said...

The wallpaper with the plates hanging on it is fantistic :) The giraffe thing is getting a little out of control :0 But seriously! Your dad had a giraffe on his hi-chair? 60 years ago? As I always say... "who whoulda thunk it?"

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Cute, cute!

K was a gifaffe last year. I was going to see if you wanted to borrow it, but when I looked at it I realized that it is WAY to big!

Can't wait to see how cute she looks in when her giraffe costume fits her!

Amanda said...

I diddnt mean the giraffe thing is getting out of control in a bad way, I meant thats just crazy ironic! :) (just wanted to cleat that up, I didnt think it sounded good after I saw the post) :)Also, these "mystery words" you have to spell out to leave a message are getting a little much! Right now, its "gokijwmokln" SERIOUSLY!! lol.

Emily's Blog said...

I guess giraffe's are you "lucky charm". Olivia looks so cute.