Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008 - Update

Crabby, crabby, crabby. Olivia woke up extremely irritable and has remained that way for most of the day. I ended up calling her eye doctor because her right eye looks just awful. As long as it's not actively bleeding or draining, I guess we're okay. Anyway, nine hours and two naps later, Olivia seems a bit more content.

We met with PT this morning and she cried during the entire visit. She wouldn't even roll over for her. I can't say that any of the exercises that I've done with her have helped. Olivia seems to do things when she feels it's time. Her PT does not believe that her delayed development is anything physical. She should be capable of moving, her mind just hasn't wrapped itself around the idea. I'm supposed to put her through the motions in hope that one day she will get it. I wonder sometimes how much doctors and therapists even know about 23 weekers since they make up such an extremely small percentage of the population. Are we expecting too much for her or not enough? On days like this, I feel defeated. I am dreading the upcoming RSV season as we will have to go back into hibernation (for hopefully the last time.) It's like a dark tunnel that I'm approaching. I'm still struggling with extreme fatigue and being stuck inside the house all winter most likely will not do much to help.


Kerry said...

Well, poo. I was hoping to read a post that indicated improvement in her eye. Maybe tomorrow it will be better.

I know you aren't looking forward to the winter months. I will help you out anytime I can (stupid job!) especially when I win the lottery and retire. I can hang out all the time then!

Oh crap. 5:00. Gotta go! I just emailed you too. Later!

Anonymous said...

All babies do things at different times. All 3 of mine have been overdue (40weeks +) babies and so far, they have all been completely different. I don't imagine that being born at 23 weeks makes her that much different from a full term baby in terms of physical development. Had she been born at full term, she may also have refused to roll over on command. My first baby walked at 9 months, my second, not until 15 months and my 3rd is now 12 months old and can take steps when it suits her, but otherwise she is quite content to sit on her ass! I bet that by the time she is 2, she will have reached all the major milestones - don't worry - just enjoy the time you have with her right now!

Devon Rene said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you're feeling down, with the problems of Olivia's eye and the upcoming hibernation. I wish Olivia's eye was doing better. (Though a different eye surgery), I remember when my son pulled out his eye tube just a short week and a half after surgery, when it was supposed to be in for SIX MONTHS! I'm sure hoping that you'll be able to look back on this eye surgery as I now do with Dylan's and how everything worked out just great. Keep your chin up!

Erin Etling Jones