Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - Update

You'd better be nice to my mama!

At the store today, I picked myself up some chocolates. I needed them. . .I had that kind of day. Olivia had her post-op eye appointment this morning. I had worried about that because you know how she is with eye appointments, but it went great. The doctor thought her eyes looked great and she acted like such a big girl and hardly cried at all. It was MY doctor's appt. that didn't go so well. Actually, at a doctor's appt, you'd actually get to meet with the doctor. Ryan's mom came over to watch Olivia and I drove all the way across town apparently to just have blood work done. . .blood work that I had already had done. . .some of it just last week. I don't know where the major screw-up was. You know, it takes a lot to make the decision to go to a doctor for help and then I can't even get in. Then, they say I can get in, but not really. After all I've been through. . .I don't know. I'm not asking for preferential treatment, but there are some things that people go through in life and they just need to be treated with a little extra care. I try to relieve some stress and it only causes me more. I'll just eat my chocolates and hug my little girl and it'll be fine. If not, well, those people will have to answer to Olivia. . .and she can give one evil eye! (Especially the day after her surgery.)

Today is a good day, though, because it's Uncle Kris's Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!
(Sorry, not a very good segue into that.)


Stacie said...

This picture cracks me up!! haha

I love the stink eye she's givin'. I'll remember to never cross Miss Olivia! :)

Hope your night is more enjoyable.

Kerry said...

Love this picture! She's one tough cookie that's for sure.

And I can't believe you didn't get to actually see the doctor! So disappointing I'm sure, thinking that just maybe you would be closer to finding something out about your fatigue.

Talk to you later!