Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Rain

Me and my "two brothers."
Clockwise: Me, Jeff, Marc, Regina, Kerry (yes, blog Kerry) Rachel, Tiffany, Jena, Chelsea, Tamar, Donnie

Jeff will always be remembered.

As much as I love the beginning of fall, September is not a good month for me. Everything bad seems to happen in September. My friends and I were robbed at gunpoint in September. Fifteen years ago today, I lost a friend in a car accident. Actually, Jeff Dillon was more than a friend. He was a neighbor, my brother's best friend, and almost like a second brother to me. Consequently, both of those things happened in Sept 1993. . .not a good time in my life. I learned a lot at that time. Life isn't fair. . .bad things do happen to good people. . .basically, anything can happen in life. I'm not surprised that something as awful as Sept 11th happened in September. Just when I thought the month couldn't get any worse. . .I lost Logan last year in September. I feel awful because a lot of our families' birthdays and my parents' anniversary is in September, but I'll forever breathe a sigh of relief when October 1st rolls around.

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Stacie said...

The September of 1993 will forever be etched in my memory. The night we were robbed, the last day we saw Jeff, all the days we spent in court.
It seemed like we had to grow up so fast during that month. We went from oblivious teenagers to learning that there are people out there who are willing to hurt you for what they want. Losing Jeff at such a young age reminded all of us that we were not invincible.
Seeing this picture of Jeff just reminds me of all the times Donnie, Jeff, and Jeremy would chase us around your house making fun of us. {I'm not upset that I don't have to hear all those silly names they gave us though!} Those days seem so long ago.
I know that Logan is now with Jeff. I know Jeff is telling Logan about how silly his mommy was as a little girl. I know both Jeff and Logan are looking down and watching their families with love.