Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008 - Update

Do we have any comments?
Don't you think I'm a little too old for my bouncy seat?

Seriously, mom, I think I am.

Ryan and I were able to spend some time together yesterday. . .just the two of us. My parents came over to watch Olivia and we went out to lunch and to the cemetery together. I think the anticipation of the day was about as bad as the day itself. I hate to think of what I was doing a year ago today. I don't think we got home from the hospital until 2 or 3 am and then I sat downstairs crying until morning. I was rocking and listening to old cds. . .that is when I heard "Fly" from Celine Dion. I had heard it a thousand times as a teenager, but it wasn't until that moment that I truly understood the words. Then, we had to meet at the mortuary and we were so thankful that our parents went with us. It was completely and utterly awful. That weekend we put together the slideshow (posted yesterday) and it was shown at Logan's funeral. It was very difficult to put together, but it was somewhat healing to look back at all of his pictures.

Even then, Olivia brought a smile to our faces. I remember going up to the hospital. . in the middle of planning Logan's funeral. . .and Olivia would make us laugh. We felt such a sense of peace when we were with her. We never wanted to leave. . .we wanted her home with us always. I'm so thankful to wake up every morning and see her smiling face. She still brings us that overwhelming sense of peace.


Amanda said...

actually- Jacob slept in his bouncer, in his crib, until he was 10 months old! He liked to be all snuggled up, and at a slant I guess?! But Nathan outgrew his bouncer at like, 3 months cause he was "humongo" baby :) That is a really cute bouncer though!

HansonTriplets said...

Yes, I don't know if you remember me posting a picture almost similar to this when Emma was doing this. I was just excited to start getting some of that equipment. It just takes up so much room. I remember the days when you could just sit them in their bouncers and go do something. Don't they change so quick!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that you were able to spend some time together yesterday.
Olivia looks adorable in the bouncer!!


Becky said...

I visited Logan's grave today, and you, Ryan, and Olivia have been and continue to be in my prayers.