Saturday, September 27, 2008

Logan William Glunt

We love you, Logan, and we'll never forget you.

Logan William Glunt

August 27, 2007 - September 28, 2007

I am my mom and dad's bright ray of sunshine!

I didn't know how difficult today would be. I thought it would be just like any day for the past year that we have been without our son. I never realized how much we try to push the thoughts of Logan to the back of our minds. Today, Logan was at the forefront and that was hard. I recounted my last day with Logan six months ago, here (scroll down to March 27th.) Given the amount of tears that I shed the first time I wrote it. . .I shouldn't attempt it again. His absence not only greatly affects our life, but Olivia's as well. . .she just doesn't know that yet. I cry because someday she will learn and understand that she had a twin brother and she will cry. Hopefully, she will always know how much she means to us. She somehow manages to get us through each and every day with a smile on our faces. Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, cards and gifts. We treasure every one of them.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful child! Thanks for sharing him with me!
Nurse Holli's Mom

Anonymous said...

Logan was amazing and so very loved. Thank you for sharing that video. Simply wonderful! Olivia will be very proud sister! We are thinking of you and Ryan today.
What a beautiful day it was today to honor Logan.
Warden family

Stacie said...

Ryan and Jodi,

I know today and everyday you think about Logan and miss him dearly. I know that his absence is still felt and that there is an empty place in your hearts and in your lives where he is supposed to be.

I know that Logan is so blessed to have you as his parents. Logan was loved before he was born. I know he is the little boy that you both prayed for. While his life was short, the lives he touched was great. His life was not in vain and his memory still lives on.

Olivia will always be his sister. And, you will always be his parents. What an amazing blessing to know that he is resting in the arms of Christ. He is no longer in pain. He knows no fear. He listens to the songs of the angels and plays at the feet of God.

May you feel the love and prayers of those around you today -and every day.


Anonymous said...

We love you very much and I can't imagine how your day has been today. I wanted to call, but I knew that I would be at a loss for words. Logan may not be with you, but he is forever in your hearts and in the hearts of so many around your family. I hope you know my thoughts are with you and your family on this day. Call me anytime to talk or hang out.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you!

HansonTriplets said...

I was sitting here watching the New Kids on Block special on TV and I thought of you so I came to your site. I so enjoy reading and hearing how Olivia is doing. She is truly an amazing little girl. I had no idea that it has been a year already since Logan's passing. I just wanted you to know that the Hanson family is thinking about your family today.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about you all weekend. Please know that you are in our thoughts.